Guide Conversions – multiple conversion targets in same guide?

Can you add two conversion targets in a guide. I have 2 buttons that the user has the option to click on from the guide, but it looks like conversions only has ability to add one conversion target?



  • Hey Chris Geissen

    You can only have one conversion per guide at the moment, but you can change the conversion as many times as needed. Feel free to submit a feature request for future consideration!

  • Hi Angus, do you know if a conversion can be deleted? In this case I set one up and realized I don't want to use it after all, but I'm not seeing a delete option when editing it after it's been saved.

  • Hey Chris, you should be able to just select any conversion and leave the "Target" as blank and when you save it should remove it.

  • I tried selecting a different conversion and not setting the target, but the Save button is grayed out so it looks like it requires you to update both dropdowns otherwise you have to cancel out of it, and it goes back to its original target saved.

  • Hi Chris Geissen,

    Thanks for your followup. I did confirm that removing the conversion target once it is initially set is not possible. You would have to change the target to a different action and save to change the conversion. 

    Our product team is aware of this gap and will work to address it. Appreciate your help in spotting this for Pendo!


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