Add CSS Elements for guide backdrops: no documentation on this

I just recently noticed the Add CSS Elements field in the Edit Container dialogue, which is supposed to affect how the target element appears when the backdrop is on. What is the syntax for putting in CSS elements here? There's nothing describing this on the site.

All I see is that if I type "a" in the field, the backdrop disappears even when the backdrop check box is selected, and if I type either "b" or "i", some of the backdrop disappears. Then any subsequent characters brings back the whole backdrop.



  • Hi David,

    This field accepts CSS selectors so when you enter <a> and the whole backdrop likely goes away is that CSS selector targets all <a> tags (links) which are probably all over the page. 
    You could add a CSS selector like .forum-container which would pop the entire forum through the backdrop while the guide still points at a button like the Submit button. For syntax, multiple CSS selectors are comma, .additional-selector
  • I followed the above instructions hoping it would pop multiple elements through the backdrop. It only pushed one through. Can someone help me understand what might cause this and how I can fix it?


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