Activate my Guide every time the User opens the page

I created a new feature guide for one of the pages. I want this guide to appear each time the user clicks on that page. Right now, the guide is set to automatic, so the user only sees it once. Is there a way to change this, where I user sees the new feature guide each time they click/open that page. 




  • Hi Jagmeet,

    Have you considered changing the guide activation method from automatic to element click? Element click should allow you to set the guide behavior to show each time the element is clicked.

    You could target the guide to the feature that the user clicks on to get to the desired page, and element click would make it so that the guide shows each time the users takes that action. 

  • I've looked into that but I have three elements on a page that lead to the next pager, where I want the new feature guide to display. I was able to tag one of the three elements but not all three.

  • Jagmeet Cheema you could try adding this custom code to the guide step. Please make sure to carefully read the "ReadMe" section:

    This custom code comes from a library of custom code snippets that was created by Pendo Professional Services, intended to extend the capabilities of Pendo products. All snippets in this library are free to use, and as such, there is NO WARRANTY, SLA or SUPPORT for these snippets. Please do not reach out to Pendo Support for help with these snippets, as custom code is outside of the remit of their team and responsibilities.

    For documentation on standard Pendo functionality, please visit the Pendo Help Center.

    Any requests to create new snippets, or modify / customize functionality within existing snippets should be forwarded to Pendo Professional Services ( for scoping. These will require a custom services contract in order to complete.

  • Hi, does the code snippet you provided, or something similar work for mobile guides? Thx

  • Nora Hughes, the provided code snippet is for web only. Mobile guides don't have the ability to use custom code blocks.

    Being able to display guides automatically more than once is something our Product team is exploring, but we don't have further details at this time.


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