Examples of Pendo Admin job requirements

For those looking to hire a Pendo admin, but don't necessarily have an idea on what to emphasize in a job requirement, see below for an example of the requirements for a Pendo Admin. 

If you have suggestions or other examples you've posted for your company, please share! 


Job Description

  • Provide strategic direction for Pendo, and work with various stakeholders to establish and implement best practices with regards to configuration, organization, maintenance, security and access controls, and data integrity
  • Administration of the Pendo environment including: adding users, security settings, integrations, dashboards, reports, etc.
  • Attend Pendo product roadmap, educational, and strategic webinars and events to keep organization apprised of new ideas and functionality
  • Understand business objectives to recommend future system initiatives
  • Manage development and release of In-Application Messaging and polling of users (html and CSS experience preferred) 
  • Create business and project plans to ensure implementation of UX initiatives are timely and aligned with objectives
  • Review user flows and drop off rates to provide proactive recommendations to product and UX teams

Job Description from one of our Customers: 

You will need to work very closely with our design team, marketing team, engineering team and senior management to launch products and features that move the needle. You should communicate with customers to hear their needs and build to their needs, but also build the features that they don’t even know they need yet.

This role has responsibility to dig deep into user data via www.pendo.io and other available tools to make sure that we're providing a platform that our users love. You'll work closely with our product teams to design user test cases and test them for user experience improvements.


  • Analyze user and customer data to propose product improvements
  • Interview and communicate with customers to understand needs
  • Work closely with designers and engineers to spec out solutions


  • A background in statistics, math, economics or similar quantitative fields
  • Strong communication skills
  • Strong organizational skills
  • A passion for usability and simplicity
  • Digital marketing experience a plus



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