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    Todd Stoffer

    Hi Christèle Galland The guide conversion metric takes into account the order in which things happened. So it looks at whether the guide was viewed and then the feature was clicked on. Where the guide metrics are looking at specific guide events. Here is one possibility of what might be happening:

    1. The user navigates to the page the guide is set to appear on.
    2. Step 1 of the guide appears (a tooltip pointed at the element you are analyzing the conversion metric for).
    3. The user dismisses step 1 of the guide.
    4. Later the user clicks on the feature the guide was pointing to.

    Because the guide was dismissed when the user clicked on the feature tied to the conversion metric after they saw the guide they would be included in the conversion metric. However, because the guide was dismissed when the feature was clicked you would not see them on step 2 in the guide metrics. 


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