Poll results - how to tell what guide a user came from



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    Howard Lio

    Hi Tess McGraw,

    Thanks for your post and sharing with the Discussion Community! This is an interesting use case and there isn't an out of the box way to track which poll guides sent you to the open text field guide.

    Some ideas:

    1. If you're looking per visitor, you could track the Visitor timeline for their activity and actions, but this is not as scalable.
    2. You may also look at applying segments to see the list of users who clicked a guide element ever "(y/n) poll from Guide A" AND saw the last open text box guide too.
    3. Lastly, you can look into manually coding the No button in each of your poll steps that sends a track event.

    Hope some of these suggestions help, but appreciate thinking through this interesting use case!

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    Tess McGraw

    Howard Lio Thanks so much. We think option 2 will work for us for now. Appreciate the help! 

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