Pendo "recognizing" an element even though it is not there.

I created a guide on how to change passwords on an application. A user account with full permissions i.e. administrator should be able to successfully complete all of the steps. A user that does not have permissions i.e., basic user will receive a message stating that the user does not have permissions to change passwords and to close the guide.

Successfully performed a test on the guide with a user account that has full permissions. However, the problem is that when testing the guide with a user account that does not have permissions that guide breaks after step 10 - Click Account Security. 

Step 10: Click Account Security 

The error message that displays after a user who does not have permissions clicks on "Account Security" is below: 

It looks like Pendo is recognizing the Target Element, however with a user account that does not have permissions, the element is not available and the "user that does not have permissions" element should display - Step 18. 

Thanks for everything!!





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