Troubleshooting Guide alerts

Hi folks,

Keen to understand how everyone is diagnosing these guide alerts and what they have found so far. We are a new Pendo user and launched our first in-product announcement last week. It's a two-step guide that allows the user to 'learn more', where we take them to a new page in our product and then pop a second step giving them an opportunity to watch a video demo.

Panic set in this morning when we viewed the guide alerts and 34% of our guide viewers are having an issue with 'other'. I am reviewing random visitors to see that the guide steps seem to be launching and that folks seem to be getting to the new page in our product, but it's frustrating not knowing why the alert is being triggered when their usage history seems to indicate things are OK. Pendo defines 'other' as:

  • Other - any cause other than Page Mismatch or Element Missing, may include issues with custom code, applications errors, connectivity problems, etc

Is anything else seeing this? The page also notes false positive, but since this is our first guide launch I'm not sure if I should be alarmed or not.

I also have 3 instances of 'page mismatch' - which indicates the next step of the guide failed to launch since they were on the wrong page. This tells me the browser redirect to the new page failed to work since it's working for the vast majority of users. I don't really know what to do with this information - perhaps they had a browser plugin stopping the redirecting or causing an issue with Pendo? Does anyone else have a similar problem they have diagnosed?




  • Hey Damian - I wonder if you've gotten to any resolution on this since your initial post.  I'd be curious to hear what you've found, if anything.

    The first thing that comes to my mind, given your description, is that perhaps the video component of your second guide step doesn't load immediately or intermittently sends a response that Pendo interprets as an 'Unknown' error but could just be the effects of an Ad Blocker or similar interference.  These might explain why the usage metrics appear to show no issues, despite the "Unknown" errors in the response.

    As for the 'Page Mismatch', I agree with your hunch that perhaps there is a browser plugin that is preventing that site redirect as a precautionary measure.

    Interested to know if you figured it out!

  • Facing similar issue- for 88% of the visitors the IOS guide has Other alert. This guide has only 1 step. Since the guide is being triggered on a mobile app, I dont think ad blockers will play a major role. My assumption is that maybe the UI of the  tagged page on which the guide appears has changed and the tagged page needs an update.


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