Tracking user across multiple sites

Hey there! I'm wondering if it's possible to track a user across multiple sites with Pendo. Our use case is as follows:

Site 1: Product website

Site 2: Company website

Site 3: Public documentation site


Ideally, I'd love to correlate a user's activity across all three sites so we can see, for example, if a user is having issues following any of our documentation. Is it possible to track user behavior across sites like this?



  • Hi Pete Martin,

    Thanks for your post and sharing in the Discussion Community!

    Yes this is possible and something that we use at Pendo. By setting each domain as an "app", we are able to cross user data among multiple apps to see how a user interacted with a product feature, then visited a kb documentation article to answer a question, and then visited our Academy courses for more learning.

    This is all possible through a multi-app subscription and installing Pendo on each website domain:

    Some key notes to consider:

    If these are public websites that do not require login, you will see these users as anonymous users only. If they login first through the product website, you will see the entire context of where they visit.

    Hope this helps, but if others have any input, please comment on the thread below!

  • Multi-app Subscriptions have a toggle option within the Paths to either track within a single application or track a user journey across multiple applications. View Documentation here

    4. Select if the path tracks user behavior between apps if you have a multi-app subscription. This will show sequential behavior in apps other than the app used by the target action.


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