Your November update: Dashing dashboards, inspiring integrations and more!

Welcome to this month's edition of Pendo product updates! This is a new monthly update to keep you informed on what’s new in Pendo and why it matters. It’s broken down by product area, so you can quickly find what’s most interesting. 

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Your Dashboard management and widgets just got even better!

With Dashboard Directory and three new widgets, centralize data, share context, and collaborate, right inside Pendo Dashboards. Change the way you work, from problem discovery to feature launch and adoption, and empower teams to take a data-first mindset. 

Dashboard Directory
Access and manage all your dashboards in one easy place by clicking “View All” in the Dashboards navigation panel.

Embed Widget
Bring in new content such as designs, videos, slides, and more from your favorite apps.

Text Block Widget
Add comments, links, and more right next to your data to share context and bring your dashboards to life.

NPS Widgets
Add new NPS visuals to dive deep into how users feel. Select from four different configurations, including a list of top 10 NPS responses, a summary of NPS distribution, a trending NPS chart, and a scatterplot of NPS by usage. (Note: This doesn’t include Pendo Free customers since NPS isn’t included in Free)


Get the big picture with Pendo's Portfolio Summary

For product teams who crave the big picture, Portfolio Summary is a new performance summary report that helps them understand where to focus and improve performance across all their apps.

Portfolio Summary includes two new widgets:

  • App-Level Summary (Apps) 
    • An Apps Overview table with high-level summary metrics and trending data across all apps in one place: Overall NPS, PES, Attach Rate, Active Visitors, Active Accounts per app
  • Scatterplot Comparisons (App Landscape) 
    • A scatterplot that will plot PES, NPS and either active visitor, active account per app

Now available for customers with multiple applications in a subscription. Want to check it out? Follow one of the links below:

Customers with a US subscription
Customers with an EU subscription



Stop worrying about guide breakages with display alerts

Sometimes Guides break. Maybe your team shipped some new code and that threw off a particular Guide step. Pendo now alerts you of any breaks and gives you a simple system to fix them. In the new Guide Alerts tab you’ll see any Guides with issues, where they broke, and who was affected. You can then diagnose the issue and even collaborate with your team via a new notes features.  

US Subscription: Click to review your Guides now >>> 
EU Subscription: Click here to review your Guides now >>> 

...or learn more via this help center doc.

Resource center analytics 

Admins can now see how users engage with their Pendo Resource Center - without any manual tagging of features. That's right, it’s all out of the box! 

Here’s what you can do with Resource Center Analytics: 

  • Know what users are visiting, clicking on, and navigating too. This information makes it easier to optimize your in-app content strategy. Services can improve how users get help, Product and Marketing can improve how they communicate product updates and much more. 

  • View analytics by segment. This allows you to see how specific segments of users use the Resource Center to optimize the experience even more. 

  • Create new segments based on views of specific content. Find people who haven’t viewed or clicked on a specific module and present them a guide. Or present people who have never viewed a specific module a reminder. 

  • Admins with a US Subscription can view their resource center analytics here and EU Subscriptions can go here

Make your mobile guides shine!

Use our latest mobile guide improvements to impress your users. You can now:


Pendo Feedback

Customize the request status names to fit your workflow

Edit the default status names in Pendo Feedback to use wording that fits your process and sets the right expectations with your teams and customers. This was our #1 product request in our instance of Pendo Feedback!

Try out the new Browse page for faster triage

We've revamped the entire Browse experience to make triage and reporting faster and a lot more flexible. 

  • See request details at a glance from the browse table
  • Quickly switch between requests on the same page
  • Improved filtering for more flexible reporting
  • BETA switcher allowing you to jump between the old & new view



Introducing the new and improved Pendo integrations site!


Admins: Browse the in-app integrations catalog if you’re ready to get started.>>> 




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