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We are trying to create a menu with a few links that open different guides for the user on one page (e.g. a button that opens a walk-through, a button that opens a video). However, when opening the next guide the menu, (created as a guide) disappears.

If we could have multiple guides on the screen or a way to make certain guides a permanent addition to the page we could facilitate this functionality.

The workaround to for this is to hard-code the buttons into the app and use the Pendo Agent API to initialise and trigger guides using guide IDs. This way requires quite a lot of overhead and ID sharing between Pendo and our dev team.

Has anyone implemented anything like this before? Am I missing a workaround to achieve this functionality?

Thank you in advance!



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  • Hi mark.walsh,

    Thanks for sharing your post in the Discussion Community! It is expected behavior that we do not host more than one guide at a time, but here's a possible workaround that may work:

    You can embed guides within a guide and have a "choose your own adventure" menu guide that will let users choose which guide to follow:

    Would this be an acceptable workaround for you to direct users to a video, an additional guide, or an alternative resource like in the example? 

    If others have any other alternatives, please comment on the thread!


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