How Can I Display A Guide More Than Once?

I have a guide that serves as a "Browser Not Supported" message and is setup to automatically display to users logging in with the specified browsers. Is there a way that I can have this guide show up repeatedly to the users, even if they dismiss? Any way to schedule it so that if they dismiss it then it will display again in a month?


Thank you/



  • Hey Shehzad, if you need this to show up every time they are on this page, then I'd recommend just removing the close button and only having 1 button on the page that snoozes the guide. You can decide to have it snooze for 1 day (24 hours) or 1 minute depending on how frequently you need it to show.

  • Thanks Angus Yang! That's exactly what I needed!

  • I have a similar guide and I love that solution! But I don't have the ability to remove the close button from the guide. Any hints?

  • Jess Hoffman should be under the "Styling" tab!

  • Got it! I hadn't thought to look there. Thanks so much Angus Yang


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