My guide is not displayed even though I made them public on my production environment.


I created several guides in draft mode and then activated them (public mode), when I log in to my platform, I don't see any of my guides.
Is there any other manipulation to do ? a feature to activate ? is there a delay before I see it?

thanks for help



  • Hey Handee Handee.

    Once a guide is moved to 'Public' state, they should be immediately available to your end users.  There are a few areas I would check to make sure your guide should be displaying appropriately:

    1. Is there segmentation applied (we do strongly recommend segmentation for guides to ensure the right people see the right information) and, if so, are you a part of the assigned segment?

    2. Is there a defined Page and Feature for the initial guide step?  If Pendo does not see the associated Page or Feature, then the guide will not render.

    3. Check to ensure the Activation method, Guide Ordering, and Guide Throttling settings are set in a way to allow an automatic guide to be served to you in your session.

    You could use the 'Preview' mode within the Guide Designer to view how the guide is to be displayed and if there are any dependencies that may be missing on a given page via the alerts within that view.

    Lastly, if you had your production instance up in a separate tab when you pushed your guide to 'Public', it is possible that your session needs to be refreshed to get the latest list of eligible published guides.

  • Thanks Greg, I followed your recommendations and checked everything, no particular segmentation and I systematically used the preview to check the display and it's not a problem. I checked Guide Throttling settings too (that was my first suspicious clue).
    I'll keep investigating if it will not come from the implementation of pendo via GTM. I'll let you know ;) 

  • Some obscure reasons would be to check:
    The z-index of the first guide step, it might be behind other things on screen.
    If any script or styling on the page is hiding Pendo things on purpose.
    If there are any console errors.
    If there is a display error because you set the guide step to be relative to an element instead of centered/top aligned/etc.

    Something that has helped me before is to clone the guide and then test it being public for a test/internal user, trying different things like making it sitewide instead of page-specific, updating the targeting for the guide step, etc. All of the above reasons have happened to me, on various guides :D

  • Hi Liz, 
    Thanks for your feedbacks !
    I don't really know why, but after many tests and verifications, especially on GTM and on some of the configurations you mentioned (like making it public and testing several things), the guides finally appeared a few hours later ... '=D  Thanks for your quick answers! 


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