Pendo Capturing search data

Hi Team, Wanted to check if Pendo can help us to capture the user input data especially in search fields?

For Eg there is an Employee Search option. by tagging page & feature we are getting usage metrics . In addition to usage we want to store the data use entered. Is it possible through Pendo?



  • Hey Kaushik, there's not really a great way to capture all the search strings in Pendo. 

    Click Event Properties might have similar functionality with limitations, but I'm curious to see if anyone else has any experience with this.

  • Event Properties are the way to go here.  The common use case anecdote that I share is around a Search Bar for a support portal.  It would be valuable to capture not just WHEN users search for support, but also WHAT those users are searching for to better understand areas you could proactively work on resolving.

    Some considerations for Click Event Properties:

    1. There is a setting that needs to be enabled to allow for Click Event Properties to be configured.
    2. A user with 'Subscription Admin' role will need to be the one to configure the Event Property.

    Finally - there is a chance your users may include PII within the Employee Search option you are looking to capture.  Consider the data you are expecting to receive here and have the conversations internally to ensure that this is actually data you want to capture.

  • Thank you all for your inputs. Yes Admin access is needed for event properties. I am working with admin team for the same. Will get back to you once my POC is done.

    Thank you again.

  • On this same subject, I have a search field in a knowledge base configured to capture search terms, but when i look at the results they are very sparse with the majority of entires showing no data and only the occasional search term returned. This image reflects a lot of what i'm seeing (or in this case, not seeing). Search is heavily used so I would expect more terms returned.


  • Hi all, 

    When capturing a search interaction, does a feature tag capture when the user hits "enter" on the search without a mouse click? Does the team need to set up a track event to capture this nuanced behavior?



  • Hey Rachel,

    Pendo does not capture "enter" key presses natively.  The web browser has to register it as a true mouse click for Pendo to capture the event.  Your product teams could, however, set up a Track Event for when the Search operation occurs to inform Pendo that the event happened, regardless of how it happened.  You could even set up Event Properties at that point to potentially share whether it was a mouse click or key press that triggered the event - if your tool captures the distinction.

  • Thanks Greg!


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