How can you track users from external campaigns?

I'm curious about tracking external sources (email campaigns, SMS, push notifications) to understand how people are coming to my app and evaluate effectiveness of my campaigns. 
What are some other ways to do this using Pendo?


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  • Hey Howard,

    Pendo only knows about activity occurring on your client application (where you have the snippet installed) but you can possibly set up a landing page in your application with URL params that indicates where the user came from (email, SMS, social) and you'll be able to see & analyze that information in Pendo.

    One way you could possibly set this up is:

    1. Set up a landing page / URL in your app includes something that indicates where the user came from. The URL could be something like

    The URL needs to do two things:

    1. Take the user to a landing page in the client application
    2. Put in the info you want Pendo to know about the external sources in the url.


    Once that is set up, you can tag that page in Pendo with those URL parameters:

    Example of a contains URL: //~contains:facebooklead

    You can then track & segment all the users who have visited that page (assuming these users are logged in & not anonymous)


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