How is numMinutes calculated for tagged events?


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    Todd Stoffer

    Hi Jason! That article that you linked is still accurate in terms of how we calculate time-on-page data. For feature clicks, it works in a very similar way. We bucket activity into 60-second chunks of time, then sum up the number of 60-second buckets that activity occurred in. Here is an example: 

    • Button A clicked at 12:01pm 4 times
    • Button A clicked at 12:03 3 times
    • Button A clicked at 12:15 1 time

    In this case, they would have 8 events and 3 minutes of activity during the 12-1 pm time period for Button A.  That is because they had events (clicks) on the button during 3 different 60-second time periods.  I would expect that often you would see where the number of events exceeds the number of minutes - but I would not expect for the number of minutes to exceed the number of events. If you are still seeing that please submit a support ticket for us to take a closer look. 

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