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Is it possible to have sub-menus (or multiple-level menus) in Resource Center?

For instance, we want to build a structure as follows:


    - FAQ topic 1

        - Guide A

        - Guide B

    - FAQ topic 2

        - Guide C

How can I add FAQ topic 1 & FAQ topic 2 as titles, and have them link to the other 2 guides? I want to categorize the guides as some guides are relevant to the same topic. Thanks.



  • Hi Yu-Ting! While we do not currently support sub-menus in the Resource Center out-of-the-box, you can achieve the breakdown you're looking for by adding multiple Guides List Modules, one per each FAQ topic. The alternative is to go the fully custom Resource Center route to create sub-menus, but the caveat is you lose OOTB functionality, such as pre-built modules, that you would instead have to custom code and maintain long-term.     

  • Hi Yu-Ting,

    Unfortunately there is no easy way to do this!

    If you really wanted to create a "sub-menu" or "multi-level menu" experience to organize guides for your users, you would need to build it out using a Code Sandbox style module. Even if you decided to do that, it would be very difficult to maintain.

    The beauty about the Resource Center's Guides List module is that Pendo does the work of presenting/hiding guides in the list based on:

    • Is the user on the right page?
    • Is the target element of the guide currently visible to the user?
    • Does the user meet the Segmentation rules applied to the guide?

    Custom building a guides list in the Resource Center means you would lose that functionality. You would need to manually add new guides to the code or remove deleted guides from the code. You would also risk the possibility of of surfacing a guide that the user is not eligible to see. So if they clicked the guide link in this module, nothing would happen.

    You may want to consider leveraging the ability to change the Display Name in a Guides List module and organize your guides that way:

    Or you could create a one-step "hub" guide that covers an FAQ topic and uses buttons to link out to the guides related to that FAQ topic. It might look something like this:

    You can then add those "hub" guides to a Resource Center Guides List module so that it will open from the Resource Center. Using this method, you could still risk the possibility of surfacing a guide that isn't designed to run from where the user is initiating the guide.

    Let me know if these work arounds make sense!



  • Also, your use-case is actually great Product Feedback.  It looks like there are other Pendo users who are looking for the same thing.

    This request is sent straight to our Product team for review.  I would encourage you to upvote this feature request (I just did), and add to the discussion.  Thanks!

  • Thank you so much for the responses!


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