Page Segmenting Days Active vs. Page Views

While defining a segment, when would I pick (for a Page) “Number of Days Active” v/s “Number of Page Views”?

Are “Days Active” events based on user interaction/activity with any tagged control (i.e. link or button clicks) on the page rather than simply the page being rendered (“Page Views”)?




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  • I understand the difference to allow you to segment based on sustained usage versus surged usage.

    For example, if Visitor A comes onto your product and performs a lot of activity on a single page over the course a single day, they may have a high number of Page Views but a low number of Days Active.  You might use this when you're interested in users who utilize a high-value feature within your product, regardless of any time table.

    Conversely, if Visitor B comes into your product once a day for the past month, but only performs a simple action, they might have a (relatively) low number of Page Views and a high number of Days Active.  You might use this when identifying users who have found a particular feature to be "sticky" such that they return often.  I think the key distinction here is that number of Days Active especially helps when considered in scope of timeframe; say, Number of Days Active in the Last 30 days versus the Last 7 days can slant how you view the product usage.


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