The Benefits of Product Policy for Feedback

Hello to all reading this. My name is Daniel Lenders, and I'm an Onboarding Consultant at Pendo. Through my years in customer success, support and different technical roles, I've seen both successful and some not-so-successful ways of handling customer feedback. One of the most useful practices I've seen has been developing a Product Policy for customer Feedback. 

Some benefits include: 

  • Advertise that you’re using customer feedback to help guide your roadmap
  • Reassure customers that you have a process. This level of transparency stops them feeling like their feedback is ignored and helps set expectations that you cannot build everything that is asked for
  • Detail the lifecycle of product requests
  • Explain who will benefit & how
  • Educate users on what you’re looking for

These benefits can reduce your customer confusion as well as inspire them to give more feedback. This will also help your teams internally to know that there is a process for your feedback and it does not go into the "Black Box" to never return. 

Not only can creating a Product Policy help your customers and internal teams, but it can also create leads! Knowing that your company cares about process and works on problems swiftly can act as a great marketing tool. You can check out how one of our customers, OKTA, uses this as a tool for information and marketing!

You can check out our Product Policy support article as a template if you haven't already checked it out. 

Happy Product Policy writing!



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  • Two tips to share:

    1. Remember to update this Policy as you make internal changes.

    2. Share with your customer facing teams so they can readily share the policy. As a CSM, I have referred to this document several times when asked about how we handle feedback. 


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