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Hi team,

When a user opens the guide but does not close out of it in order to exit, the guide will continue to pop up on future visits until the guide is appropriately closed. If the user closes the website tab while the user is mid guide (instead of using the x button or finishing the guide steps), then the guide will continue to automatically trigger during future site visits. When the guide automatically triggers during the next visit, it starts on the same step the user left off on.  

We do not want the guide to be automatically displaying on future site visits when the user does not correctly close out of the survey.  Is there a way to close the guide if a visitor reopens a tab or navigates away?




  • Hi Alli,

    Not OOTB but we do have a custom snippet that could help fulfill some of the actions you listed above such as closing the guide if users navigate away or click on other elements on the page. 

  • Hi Kross,

    How would you use this custom snippet? I'm trying to figure out how to implement it. Thanks!


  • Brenda Lopez you need to add a code block building block on the step that you want this to be active for. then click the javascript tab and insert the code. should be able to test in preview. 

  • How might I modify this JS to only dismiss the guide if a specific element on the page is clicked? For example: Guide says "Hey user, try this thing!" [user clicks on that thing/element] --> guide is dismissed without requiring the user to close the guide manually.


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