Tech Note: Capture the page that a poll was submitted on

If you have a poll that is available on multiple pages within your application, it might be helpful to know what page a visitor was on when they submitted the response. We have an existing feature request to add this functionality, which you can vote for here:

In the meantime, as a workaround, you can do this by adding in a small piece of custom code to your guide step. Below is a custom code example which will capture the URL as an additional poll response.


Please Note: The above custom code snippet was created by Pendo Professional Services, intended to extend the capabilities of Pendo products. The snippet is free to use, and as such, there is NO WARRANTY, SLA or SUPPORT for the snippet. Please do not reach out to Pendo Support for help with the snippet, as custom code is outside of the remit of their team and responsibilities.



  • Thank you for sharing, Angela.  This looks very promising!

  • Would it be possible to append this URL to a comment field so we don't have to deal with the issue of multiple questions? 

  • Collin Bourgeois potentially, but this would require developing additional custom code. Customers are welcome to try developing this on their own, or they can purchase a paid engagement with our Professional Services team (


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