Need validation for feedback guide nps scale step

We have created a Feedback guide where in NPS scale is added and there are two options 

1] Submit => Poll response gets submitted and guide is advanced

2] Later => Guide gets snoozed

Issue => Unable to validate NPS response and user is able to click on submit without selecting a NPS scale, Need steps to submit response only when user selects NPS value.

Thank you 



  • Hello Priti Bakale - there appear to be a few Feedback requests around this requirement, but none that I can find specific to NPS.  This appears to be the most recent, if you'd like to follow and prioritize appropriately.

    There is a comment left in that request per another user who points toward a code snippet that can facilitate this within a code block.  But code blocks are not supported within an NPS Guide.  For reference, here is the recommended snippet:

  • Hi Greg, 

    Thank you for in detailed solution, it worked👍.



  • Hi Greg, 

    I am facing the same issue in Mobile. How can we restrict users from hitting the Submit button without taking part in the survey?

    I am using Poll in this case.

    Thank you.

  • Hello Sanka,

    It has been a while for me, but I do not believe you have that option for Mobile guides.  This is not a native feature of our Guide components and so it needs to be added, either through a Custom Code Block (documentation) or via recent advancements with Guide Logic (documentation).  Unfortunately, neither of these options are currently available for our Mobile Guides.


  • That's sad. I see many limitations in terms of custom code and logic for mobile guides, and this is a concern.

    This is a very basic validation one should add when triggering this on mobile. I'm not sure how easy or difficult it is to add this to your product backlog and get it implemented.

    Can you please look at this?


  • I appreciate this feedback, Sanka, and understand the frustration.  This would be a valuable addition and certainly something you're welcome to share with our Product team.  You can learn more about submitting Feedback Requests to Pendo via our help documentation here.


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