Guides dismissing when launching other guides

For new users, we have a lightbox that pops up if we notice their account is not fully setup.  This guide we want to always launch on a page load, while the customer is in the relevant segment, unless the guide is snoozed, 

In this lightbox, we have 2 buttons that launch 2 separate setup workflows.  If they click one, the following guides launch without issue.  However, the initial lightbox doesn't retrigger ever again, even if the customer still falls into this segment. 

Is there a way to reset viewed state, or any other thing that will retrigger the main lightbox? 





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  • Hi Charlie! We currently do not have a way to change the behavior of a new guide launch dismissing the previous guide. However - we do have the 'launch guide' button action that might be helpful here. Would it be possible for you to use a 'dismiss' button on the second guide that has a button action of 'launch guide' that would re-launch the first guide? Let me know if you think that might work as an option. 

  • Todd-Stoffer I don't think the linking back loop would work in this scenario due to the fact that the other guides have multiple paths that may not have a customer "complete" or finish with a step that I could launch another guide.
    The article I linked above had a way to tie relaunching a guide to the X (close) button.  I'm not sure if there was a way to do something similar via codeblock to change the state of the guide they are leaving?

    And to maybe clarify, I'm ok with the guide-launch "dismissing" the current guide from the standpoint of- in that action, guide A no longer needs to be on screen when another guide is active.  However, when guide B is completed, guide A is still pending and will re-popup if the customer is in the segment on a new page load.

  • Charlie Kivida I have not had a chance to test this yet - but here is a slightly different code snippet that I would try. In this case you would be targeting the ID of the button that launches the second guide. You can find that by right-clicking and inspecting on the guide button when it is displayed on screen - like when you are previewing it. Let me know once you are able to test that slightly different snippet. 

  • Josh Todd Stoffer this seems to be halfway there.  this does dismiss guide A and allow for reload to relaunch Guide A, but it no longer launches Guide B (the original intent of the button)

    Probably just need the portion of code that I need to put in to also have the button launch Guide B now.

  • Charlie Kivida The code to launch a Pendo guide would be pendo.showGuideById('GUIDE ID GOES HERE'). If you add that just below line 9 of the snippet I linked to above I believe it will dismiss the current guide until reload - and launch the second guide based on the guide ID that you place into the code. Let me know if you are able to get that working! 

  • Thanks Todd-Stoffer, think this is working for now.  Crudely implemented it for 3 buttons on on guide lightbox, but seems to be functioning as expected!

    Appreciate the help. 


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