How to redirect users to a specific page and launch a guide

I have a guide with a button that I want users to click in order to be redirected to a particular page in the product AND launch a guide. Would this be a good use case for guide permalinks?



  • Hey Ana,

    You are correct. This is a viable use case for the Guide Permalink functionality.  Trigger the button to navigate to a URL and add the permalink as a query parameter to the URL to trigger the desired guide.

  • Hey Greg, 

    I'm trying to create a guide that spans multiple pages, however every user that uses our system creates his account with a unique ID which makes adding a URL difficult, is there any way to add a dynamic URL that adapts to a unique users ID?

    I hope that makes sense.


  • I believe I understand.  You'd like to create a Hyperlink that takes a user to your tool and triggers a guide, but you can't hardcode the Hyperlink URL because the URL contains a unique ID for each user?  Are you trying to do this within a Pendo guide?

    This is, unfortunately, a bit outside my wheelhouse.  The first ask I have is whether your tool redirects users if you provide them a generic link (i.e. "you went here, but based on your active session, I believe you meant to go here")?  I'm not sure how well this would play with Permalinks, but it gets away from needing a unique ID.  Otherwise, you'd need to try and manage this with some kind of dynamic scripting.

    If you're trying to do this within a Pendo Guide, you might be able to pull something like this off with a Code Block component, but I cannot speak fluently there.  I do know that it would depend highly on what data you have available for the script to access.

    Sorry I don't have a silver bullet, but I hope this helps you find the right direction.


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