Mobile Segment to Existing Users Only

We are release a new app version and we want to only show a mobile " What's New " guide to existing users ( on the new version).

The first part of my segment is the new app version

However I cannot figure out what criteria to only target users who have been using our the old version.



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  • Hi Josh Marowitz If I am understanding correctly you are not wanting to show the guide to users who have only had activity on the new version right? If so - you might be able to use a 'first visit' rule to do this. If the new version of your app was released on December 15th (for example) you could create a segment targeting visitors with a first visit date before December 15th. Since the new version of the app was not released - anyone with a first visit date before the release date of the new app would likely have been using the old version. Let us know if you think this might work. 


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