Will Going to a Different Page or Clicking on a Non-Target Element End a Walkthrough?



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    Angus Yang

    Hey Emily Mattison

    We keep track of the guide state for a bit before restarting it from step 1. One caveat is if there are other guides shown and a user goes back to the unfinished guide I think it just starts from the beginning again. So for scenarios you asked about:

    1. Will changing a setting by clicking on the setting’s radio buttons (instead of clicking on the step’s “Next” button or target element) accidentally end the walkthrough for the user?

    Clicking on a different element may cause the guide to go away but it would resume if they go back to that page.

    2. Will going into a subpage to change a setting prevent the user from seeing the walkthrough step when they come back out to the previous page (by accidentally ending the walkthrough)?

    They should be able to see it again if they visit the previous page within a certain time (not too sure about how long).


    As with most things, creating and testing these in a test environment would be the best way to confirm for your specific app!

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    Emily Mattison

    Thanks, Angus! This is helpful. We will do some testing to find out if the guide will persist across these scenarios for sure, but it's good to know that Pendo has some guardrails in places for these types of situations.

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