Is there a way to track interaction with 'hover' or 'pop over' features?


We have some elements that you can hover over to bring up some additional info. I tried to tag the feature but we can only track in a user 'clicks' on the hover, not the actual hover interaction. Has anyone had any luck tagging hover / pop over interactions? I looked through the help articles and documentation, but didn't see anything that might help us here.




  • Hey Mo,

    I don't believe it's possible to track a hover event, but maybe someone else has been able to make it work.

  • Unfortunately, Pendo is only able to collect click events. So other actions such as hovering or dragging, which don't generate click events cannot be automatically collected. 

    However, your developers could set up a track event to programmatically tell Pendo about other types of activities, such as hover/ drag activities. This would require code changes on your side though, and you can read more about track events here:



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