iOS PendoManager.shared().startSession question


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    Greg Nutt

    Hey Edgar Abadines,

    The visitorData and accountData values here are used to pass through the Metadata you've defined for your visitors.  There are some example strings within the following help document that, hopefully, can point you in the right direction.

    Help article:


    NSString * visitorId = @"John Smith";
    NSString * accountID = @"Acme Inc";

    //set visitor metadata
    NSDictionary * visitoraData = @{@"Age":@27, @"Country":@"USA", @"Gender":@"Male"};

    //set account metadata
    NSDictionary * accountData = @{@"Tier":@1, @"Size":@"Enterprise"};


    let visitorId = "John Smith"
    let accountID = "Acme Inc"

    //set visitor metadata
    let visitoraData = ["Age": "27", "Country": "USA", "Gender": "Male"]

    //set account metadata
    let accountData = ["Tier": "1", "Timezone": "EST", "Size": "Enterprise"]
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