Tech Note: Programmatically launch and dismiss the Resource Center

If you have a scenario where you want to automatically launch and/or dismiss the Resource Center, it is possible to do this programmatically, using the Pendo Agent API. 

Launch the Resource Center:


Dismiss the Resource Center:



Please note this would require dev resources on your side to implement. Additionally, the visitor still needs to be eligible/be in the segment for Resource Center modules and the content within the modules.



  • This is great, but what if i would like to show a particular RC Module on a specific page only and keep it hidden on all other pages ?

  • Rohit Pandey

    If it's a guide list or onboarding module, you would need to control this at the individual guide level using the page location set for the first step of each guide. If the current URL the user is on does not match the page location for any of the guides in the guide list module, the guide list module will not appear. 

    For any other module, you would have to control this at the module level, specifically via the segment, and it would require some configuration changes by your developers. 

    • When the user goes to a page where the module should not appear, a new visitor metadata field would be set. Something like "module_hidden: true"
    • When the user goes to other pages where the module can appear, the metadata field would be updated to "module_hidden: false"
    • The  module segment would include a rule like "module_hidden = false". 
    • As the user switches between pages where they should see and shouldn't see the module, the metadata will change, and they'll either be eligible to see the module or not. 

    I would also recommend submitting a feature request for the ability to set page location for non-guide related Resource center modules.  

  • Angela Holly is there also an API for the count of new (unread) items that displays in the badge that invokes the resource center?


  • Sanjay are you asking how to modify the appearance of or hide the 'unread' bubble? 

    Or are you asking if the numeric value of the 'unread' bubble can be modified? 


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