Activate the guide based on the number of times the user logs in

I created a welcome with basic tour of the app guide. I want this guide to appear each time the user logs in for atleast the first 10 times the same user logs in . Right now, the guide is set to automatic, so the user only sees it once. Is there a way to change this, where the user sees the guide each time they log in for the first 10 times they login to the app?



  • Hey Ben Venancy, it's currently not possible to show a guide more than once automatically. Here's a related feature request to show a guide more than once, it'd be helpful if you can add in your context as a comment too so our product team has the additional background.

    Potential workarounds to this are:

    1. A (larger than normal) tooltip that shows on the page until they've at least logged in 10 times.

    2. A snooze button that repeats the guide after 24 hours and you can add a segment that checks on how many times they've clicked "Snooze"

    3. Clone the guide and use segments to activate the guide only if they've seen Guide Version A, Guide Version B, etc.

  • It is very essential to show the guide more than once. Specially when we have a tooltip that if a user closes once they might forget it. We need to remind our users to not to forget about the idea of a feature.  for example if there are two fields very similar in name but the purpose of those are very different. user might forget which one is what unless we can remind them with Pendo with a tooltip.

    It would be great if Pendo could do this.


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