Linking a guide to another guide using the new Create Guide function

Is there a way to link one guide to another guide in the new "Create Guide" function, NOT the Classic Designer?



  • You could put a button at the end of the first guide that opens the next guide...

  • Jim, I'm a little new to some of this! So, is there any code or snippet I need to copy or embed? Not really sure how to link it.

  • Never mind! I found what I needed! Thanks!

  • Sounds like you've figured it out on your own, Ben Anderson - but to share the two common methods for doing this without developing content for a Code Block are:

    1. Setting a button to trigger another guide - this works well if both guides are within the same application AND either the target guide is configured to be available 'Sitewide' or the last step of the original guide lands the user on the Page associated with the first step of the target Guide.
    2. Setting a button to navigate to a URL with a Guide Permalink to trigger the new guide at the destination - this works great as a general method, but really shines when sending users between applications.  You can learn more about Guide Permalinks here.
  • Is there anyway to connect a guide with a poll to an NPS survey?


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