Notifications based on User Behavior?

We are launching a new part of our resource center to provide beta opportunities for customers. If certain elements in a guide are clicked, I would like to be notified (by email) so I know to go look. Right now, I have to just continuously go check the guide analytics. I would love a PUSH instead of a PULL model for this. Does this exist today?



  • I'm looking for this too. It seems like the Feedback feature supports email notifications. We aren't using that yet, but we do have forms in some Pendo guides and would like instant notification just in case they contain a request for assistance. 

  • I am looking for the same thing - It would be super useful to get email notifications when a user selects a button on our guides. Today we have to look intermittently into the guide metrics to see which users are selecting the specific button on the guide we would like to monitor.

  • If you have a "call to action" type button on the guide, one strategy for getting real-time notifications is to set up the guide as a poll and use webhooks. 

    Below is a pretend guide where I might want real-time notifications for the customers that want to participate/learn more about a beta feature. This was created using the poll building block in the Designer.

    To get real-time notifications on which button is being selected, I would use webhooks & a third party tool to receive the webhooks (and send the real-time notifications). 

    The Pendo webhooks would fire every time a poll response is selected. A third party (one example is Zapier, but there are other tools available too) would be set up to receive the webhooks and do a specific action each time a poll response is received (e.g. post in a Slack channel, send an email, add the response to a Google spreadsheet, etc.). 





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