Feedback / experience at point-of-care scenarios or in time-sensitive scenarios?



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    Doug McDaniel

    Something we've seen have improved completion rates in scenarios like this is the "minimized guide step" Angus Yang came up with the idea and posted it in the community here

    Similar to what you suggested above, this keeps the distraction tax to a minimum while still allowing users to revisit a poll and provide the qual/quant inputs that you need to capture. 

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    Kross Pham

    Hi Ben Carey,

    Great question! I remember during our 20' Pendmonium, we had a customer that presented on a similar topic: "How to Solicit In-Product User Feedback with Pendo". 

    The customer saw better responses when they personalized the guide more. You can pull in metadata to your guides.

    Next is making sure the segment is correct. Is your target audience dedicated to a task before these questions? Is the feature, page setting, mood right at the time?

    Keep it simple and easy-to-read — Anyone should be able to go through the survey quickly and easily.

    Also, there was an improvement in responses by adding an extra step at the beginning of the survey as a disclaimer or asking if it was a good time to task them with a survey.

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