Workarounds to Setting up a Recurring Guide

Hey everyone, I've been seeing this request come up more frequently so I thought I'd share some workarounds I've found.

First off, if you find yourself really wanting a way to natively set up recurring guides, it would help us prioritize if you upvote this feature request and in the meantime, some potential workarounds could be:

1. Duplicating the guide and scheduling it for 3-month intervals. If you're only doing this every 90 days, then you can set one guide to show from Jan 1 - March 31, the next one for April 1 - June 30, etc.

2. Create a tooltip icon for the survey (so it shows up every time the user clicks on it), ​but only make it available for people who have not clicked it within the last 90 days. That way it'll only display if they haven't submitted the survey recently.​​


3. You can also set up the guide to remove the "X" close button and only have one button on the guide with the "Snooze" functionality. This way, you can have the guide pop up at a regular interval like 1 day later, 1 week later, etc. (Keep in mind that for accessibility reasons, pressing ESC while you're on the guide will "Dismiss" the guide and the users won't see it again).


Any other workarounds you can think of?



  • Thanks for these workarounds! Can you elaborate on how you were able to remove the 'X' close button from a guide?

  • Clare Minnerath sure thing, when you have the visual designer up, you can navigate to "Styling" and toggle off the "Close Button" from there.

  • Following your suggestion #1, how do I avoid the fringe cases where a user qualifies for the guide/survey near the end of the first interval (eg end of December) and then when the new guide goes out (in January), they qualify for the new guide immediately? Ideally, the user would qualify for the new guide only after 90 days, and there would be no instances of someone seeing the same guide twice in a matter of weeks because their visits fall on different sides of the guide interval.

  • To answer my own question:

    You can add a condition within Guide > Segment > Custom Segment and specify that the user has not interacted with the previous guide within X days.

    Strangely, I can't set the condition described above using the "Guide" option within Custom Segment, but rather must use the "Guide Element" option, and then pick out each interaction individually and connect them with Or statements. Not sure why. (Within the "Guide" option, the timeframe parameter is locked to "Ever", but this is not the case for "Guide Element" option).


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