Filtering multiple reports to an Account

We are often interested in viewing a set of 8-10 reports filtered to a specific Account. Our setup involves 100s of Accounts so we can't create a segment for each one. We could create a set of segments and update them each time we want to look at Account-level data but that sounds very inconvenient. Has anyone implemented an easy way to filter multiple reports/widgets to a specific Account?



  • Hey Sanket,

    To my knowledge, there is not a way to define filters outside of the widget or report configuration itself.  I do know there is a current request along these lines if you would like to offer your comments and desires to such a request.


  • Thanks Greg. It looks like I can't access that link without a login, and my regular Pendo login doesn't work. And there's no option to create an account.

  • That would make it difficult, would it not?  My apologies!

    When you log into Pendo to review your product's analytics, you can navigate to Pendo's internal Feedback tooling via our Resource Center in the bottom left corner via the "Share your Feedback" selection.  Within that prompt there will be an icon/button that will open our Feedback portal in a new window.  From there you should be able to search for the item #17005, which should yield a single result titled "Global Dashboard Filters (Filter all widgets at once.)"

    I hope that helps get you there.

  • Thank you, that worked. I added my comments there.


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