Open a Resource Center Module from a Guide (or other link)


  • Inspect your Resource Center Module to identify the 
data-pendo-module-guide-id= 'random_string`
  • Add a button to your guide with a URL Link Action (and dismiss guide secondary action)
  • In the URL Link, input the RC permalink ID, something like: 
  • Save and Test! 


  • Official comment

    Hey, Eric Miller and Chris Patrone - here is the link to our Github repository for the Resource Center snippet that forces open the modules. It will work for the Home View as well. 

    Please note: All snippets in this library are free to use, and as such, there is NO WARRANTY, SLA or SUPPORT for these snippets. Please do not reach out to Pendo Support for help with these snippets, as custom code is outside of the remit of their team and responsibilities.


  • Thank you for sharing!

  • Doug McDaniel could this be used to force open the Resource Center to the home view as well? What would that look like code-wise?

  • I have the same question/need as Eric.  I would like to create a guide that references the resource center and provide a button that on click would dismiss the guide and display the modules in the resource center as if it was clicked on.  

  • Erica Akroyd regarding your comment above...I thought the snippet you referenced was used to program a sandbox Resource Center module to directly open a URL? I am confused by Doug's instructions which seem to be through the Pendo UI and the idea of needing custom code.

  • I came across the following documentation which does a good job detailing how to accomplish the original topic of this post:


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