How to connect Salesforce / Hubspot and Pendo

Edit: Although this article was initially written for the Salesforce Integration, the same concepts for connecting and mapping the correct data fields apply to Hubspot as well.

We often get questions about how to find a unique identifier to connect Salesforce & Pendo. This is important because if you don't have a one-to-one identifier between each record in Pendo and Salesforce, Pendo doesn't know how to sync the data.

Here are some general best practices and approaches you can consider:

Identifying fields to map:

  1. Pendo Visitor & Account IDs don’t have any duplicates so this is generally the best field to map to from the Pendo side.
  2. Alternatively, you can try to match other metadata fields that you may be passing over to Pendo like:
  • Visitor: Email, Name, SFDC Contact ID*, User ID** (Specific to your Product)  
  • Account: Name, SFDC Account ID*, Account ID** (Specific to your Product)

* If you are using SFDC IDs as your Pendo Visitor/Account ID’s then you can choose that as the mapping but this would have needed to be set up during snippet install.

** If you have a userID field in your application for each user and account you can push that to Pendo as metadata and also push to the SFDC records.

Getting the data in the necessary places

When syncing any visitor/account fields, you will need to have a matching field in Salesforce. The most common scenarios we see for getting the data to SFDC or Pendo are:

  1. For the records in Pendo & Salesforce, you already have a field in Pendo and a field in Salesforce that contains a unique identifier. 
  2. You have a unique identifier in Pendo already, but need to get that added to the records in Salesforce
  3. You have a unique identifier in Salesforce already, but need to get that added to the records in Pendo
  4. The unique identifier you want to use isn't in Pendo or Salesforce, so you'll need to add it to the records in both Pendo & Salesforce

The methods vary and are generally worth discussing with your data or engineering team to see what might be possible.




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