Can i map multiple language metadata to one language?



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    Todd Stoffer


    Currently you are only able to map one metadata value per language in localization settings. The best option is to use custom metadata to normalize what is being passed over to Pendo for use in localization. In your case that means that you would add a metadata field to your Pendo installation snippet - and then pass over something like en_US as the value to Pendo if the input value (from the browser or your other sources is either en_US, en_UK, en_ID, en_MY). 

    This would make a great feature request though - so if you haven't already I would recommend submitting it as one in Feedback via the Product Feedback section of the Pendo resource center. 

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    Andy Lutz

    Thanks Todd for the explanation!

    For others running into this issue, I've submitted a feature request for this functionality.

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