Make onboarding module dissapear once all steps are completed

How can we make the onboarding module dissapear from the Resource Center once the visitor completed all the steps. 



  • Hi Rodrigo! We do something similar for ours. Basically, you can create a segment to be [everyone you want] minus [everyone who has completed all steps] and then set each of your guides and/or the module to that segment. Meaning that as soon as someone in your segment finishes the last step, whether that is viewed guides, submitted polls, etc, then they "test out" of the segment. I found that it is only necessary to set it for all the guides because the onboarding module disappears when there are no available guides, but you can do both to be safe. 

  • Qlik Migration Admin that should work!! thank you very much!

  • Qlik Migration Admin
    If I'm understanding this correctly, in order for us to show/not show a campaign we'd need to be tracking the user's visitor id to know if this visitor id is part of the segment that should be shown this campaign which would be on the basis of completion of said campaign; so the user can't be anonymous to Pendo if we want this level of granularity, am I understanding this correctly?

  • Hi Bijan, with our Pendo instance we track our users with a distinct visitor ID rather than having anonymous users, and we don't show our guides to any anonymous users, so I am not sure how that would be affected. My best understanding would be that yes - you need to track a visitor id that is distinct to that user in order to opt them in and out of any guides. You would need the segments to be set to "visitor ids of users that have not seen all of the <guide id end steps>". Does Pendo randomly generate visitor ids for your anonymous users or is the same user who visits twice treated as 2 distinct users?


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