Merge two/multiple existing tags

How do I properly merge two/multiple existing tags so I won't lose all the historical data? Thank you! 



  • Hi Renee Lan since Pendo offers retroactive analytics you can simply add the rule you want to merge into one of your existing rules - then delete the original. When you add that rule to the existing tag Pendo will begin to reprocess all events from when you installed Pendo to match the updated rule set. 

  • Hi Todd Stoffer thank you for your reply! Does it work the same way for pages, too? What if the page/tag no longer exists? Will it overwrite the historical data to all be 0s?

  • It does work the same way for Pages. If the URL no longer exists on your site - but there is still historical data attached to that URL the analytics for all of the historical data will be returned. If you fully delete a page/feature tag - and then recreate it using the same exact rules you should get the same analytics back as before. 


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