Pages Tracked by Parameter and Feature Event Tracking?


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    Angela Holly

    Nicole Arocha

    There is an existing feature request for this. If you go to the Pendo Resource Center > Share your Feedback, you can search for the existing request and add yourself as someone who wants this:  "Data from feature not splitting on parameters from the page" #31860

    In the meantime, here are some workarounds. They all have some drawbacks though:

    A: Capture the URL as a feature click event property (not retroactive). You can see some data via the UI, but would need to pull this data out of Pendo via the API for further analysis.

    B: If you have a limited number of parameters, you could tag a page specific to each parameter and then tag a feature to only that page. You would get retroactive analytics this way, but this isn't very scalable. 

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