Alternative way to calculate NPS Response Rate

Hey everyone, as with any surveys we launch, we want to ensure that we get feedback from as many people as possible. That's why we look closely at NPS response rates and are alarmed when we see low response rates (1-2%).

What we've seen in general is around a 5 - 7% response rate in-app. Here are some ideas to help increase NPS response rates if you're experiencing lower rates.

One thing I noticed about how Pendo calculates response rates is we are calculating NPS response rate by Total Responses / Total Views, but keep in mind that sometimes reloading a page could cause a single user to view the NPS poll multiple times which could cause the bottom 'total views' number to inflate. 

So another way you might be able to calculate this is by looking at Total Responses / Total Visitors (In the View tab of NPS). This would calculate the % of response by unique visitors instead of views and might be a more accurate picture of the response rate.


Here's a video of how you might be able to calculate it.

As a preview, you'll see that the original calculation is

  • 8% (Based on 91 Responses/1190 Views)

The new calculation is ~12% (91 Responses/734 Unique Visitors)




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  • For anyone reading this, we've just updated our product logic to calculate the unique views. More here.


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