Segment Rules

We collect visitorID and their siteID when a user authenticates. Think of this as a company with many users. One siteID has many visitorIDs.

I would like to create a segment that says if ANY visitorID at that site views a page/uses a feature, put their siteID into a segment. Is there a way to do this? I only see a way to add individual visitors. I need to create a way to look at which sites are using specific features and segment them.

There may be one visitor at the site responsible for configuring a feature. But that feature could impact everyone. We want to do reporting to compare everyone at one site vs. another site based on whether they use the feature. (EXAMPLE: Company A configures required fields for our product. Company B does not. We want to compare Company A vs Company B when it comes to time to complete a form, number of forms completed, etc.)



  • I have two clarifying questions for you.

    1. Are you using your 'siteID' as your 'Account ID' within Pendo or as metadata for your 'Visitor ID'?  It sounds like this would be a good fit, but you may have a separate 'Account ID' info that you use.
    2. If I'm reading this correctly, you're wanting to segment based on the functionality of Visitors within a group (i.e. Account / siteID) - correct?  What if Company X has users who perform an action and those who do not?  Are you expecting a binary "if one user clicks the button, all visitors for that siteID are flagged"?
  • 1. siteID is metadata we collect for the visitorID.

    2. Binary - if any visitor at the site uses this, put the site in a segment (that means the site uses this feature to us). 

  • Thanks for the clarification!

    So there is no way to automatically flag individual metadata values based on product usage.  You could, however, use some reporting (either with Visitor Reports or the Data Explorer) to identify 'siteID' values that have had some functionality activity within a specified time period.  With this information you could define the segments manually.

    However, the caution here is that metadata is not static when associated with your product usage (i.e. Pendo Raw Events).  i.e. If a Visitor traverses between sites (say, A and B) where A is part of the segment and B is not, then all product usage associated with the Visitor will fall outside of the segment because Pendo sees the latest metadata value of 'siteID' = "B".

  • This would likely work using the Pendo Account ID also the way we have it configured. Is there a way to look do that?

    If a visitor does Activity A, put their Account ID in a segment?

  • If you can tie this to the Account ID rather than a piece of metadata, then this should be manageable.

    When defining your Segment, you would select the Feature you are interested in tracking and one of the operators for Pages and Features is to select some information about the Visitor or the Account.  By default, I believe the value starts at "Number of Clicks" at the Visitor level.  You can adjust this to be "Number of Visitors" (at the Account level) greater or equal to 1 within a timeframe and that should grab any Visitor within any Account where some associated Visitor has triggered the Feature.

  • Oh interesting! So if you say # visitors > 1 it will add the ACCOUNT (i.e. all visitors from the account) to the segment?

    I will try this!


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