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    Greg Nutt

    Hello Robert,

    1. Metrics like 'Guide Views' and 'Guide Visitors' reference the segment selected in the filters at the top of the view (or for the particular report).  If your segment contains internal staff and the guide is eligible for internal staff, then the metrics will be counting internal staff.  You can create a segment to exclude internal staff if you have the metadata available to identify these users.
    2. I may be misreading your question, but I believe you are asking when these values reset.  These metrics never "reset"; rather they are set by the filters at the top of the view (or report).  In particular, the segment, date range, and account filters can all affect these values.
    3. This depends on the metric that you are referencing.  If you are looking for unique Visitors that have seen a guide, then you would not want to look at 'Guide Views' as this will include both First Time Views as well as Repeat Views.  Rather, you would want to look at the 'Number of Visitors' metric to identify a unique count of Visitors within a given segment, date range, and account filter selection.
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