issue with my guides, they disappear on loading.

Good afternoon,

I'm writing to you because the support cannot answer me when I have a free version :(

I have problems with the posting of 2 guides (which are public for 2 weeks now).
 1- I have set up guides that should be displayed for everyone when a specific page is loaded (GUIDE ACTIVATION: AUTOMATICALLY).
They are active for 2 weeks, and since, we observe that sometimes they don't appear at all, no matter if we reload the page or not.
This has happened to several users but the situation is unstable, because sometimes it works again...

2 / However, I saw that my everyone segment = only 13 unique user for the last 30 days (while I really have 92 unique active user... maybe the first point is because of that ?

What can we do, what can I check?
Thanks a lot for help




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  • The first thing that comes to mind is that Guides will only display to a given Visitor ID once if set to 'Automatic' activation.  So I would not anticipate a user to be able to see the guide multiple times.  Depending on your settings for Guide Order and Throttling, you might be blocked for when users should see a given guide.

    As for the 'Everyone' segment, the segment count looks at all unique Visitor IDs that Pendo has ever seen, not just those within a given timeframe.  So it is possible for these numbers to look a bit confusing at times.

    If it is your goal to have a guide that is present at all times, or available on-demand, then I would recommend looking at including a 'Badge' activation for your particular guide and placing in an unobtrusive location on the page (e.x. associated with an appropriate button or maybe next to the title of the page).


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