issue with my guides, they disappear on loading.


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    Greg Nutt

    The first thing that comes to mind is that Guides will only display to a given Visitor ID once if set to 'Automatic' activation.  So I would not anticipate a user to be able to see the guide multiple times.  Depending on your settings for Guide Order and Throttling, you might be blocked for when users should see a given guide.

    As for the 'Everyone' segment, the segment count looks at all unique Visitor IDs that Pendo has ever seen, not just those within a given timeframe.  So it is possible for these numbers to look a bit confusing at times.

    If it is your goal to have a guide that is present at all times, or available on-demand, then I would recommend looking at including a 'Badge' activation for your particular guide and placing in an unobtrusive location on the page (e.x. associated with an appropriate button or maybe next to the title of the page).

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