Tech Note: Using Relative URLs in Guide Button Actions for apps with Multiple Subdomains

The button action of URL Link in guides is used to take users to a URL. This is the default view for adding a URL to a guide: 

But let's say my app uses unique subdomains for each customer we have. So Acme, Inc. customers access the app through and OmniCorp customers access the app through Because each customer has their own individual subdomain, using a full URL in the button action won't work.

You might be able to use a relative URL to solve this. In this example, I want to button to take users to the features page. So for Acme, Inc the URL would be and for OmniCorp it would be 

In order to make a guide button action work for both customers, we could use the relative URL of /features in the button action as pictured below. 


Using a relative URL allows the button action to automatically pull in the domain the user is currently on, and will simply add the relative path that you place in the URL field to the end of the subdomain. 



  • This was a great tip Todd-Stoffer. Is this new functionality or just well-hidden? Would this approach also be usable in mobile guides? We would need the behavior to match in both our web and mobile apps.

  • Hi, 

    I'm looking for realtive URL with wildcards for this similar issue. 

    Example - "/api/ui-beta/t/*/dashboard" How can I do this? 




  • Hi Sarada,

    what is the wildcard value i.e an alfanumeric value or anything else ?

  • Hi Rohit,

    It's alphanumeric value. 

  • Sarada Pachalla I was told by a Pendo employee you cannot wildcard in this modal.


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