Enable guide for specific account

Is it possible to enable the guide only for a specific account?

Creating segment with one account id filter didn't allow to set for guide?



  • Hello - Account IDs should not be an issue for Guide Segmentation.  Can you verify that the Segment is set to be visible to 'Everyone'?  Segments set to be visible to 'Only Me' will be ineligible for Guide segmentation.

  • It does appear to be an issue and support does not appear to exist at Pendo - maybe this forum will help?

  • Can you please share the logic for your segment (you can, of course, abstract out the exact Account string you are looking to target)?  Per our help documentation here, the 'Account IDs' metadata associated with a Visitor ID (which returns a list of associated Account IDs for a given Visitor ID) is ineligible for guide targeting, but forming a segment based on the 'Account ID' value at the Account level should be valid.

  • Greg Nutt- you rock!  I did not notice that there were multiple accountID type metadata fields. This was my issue. Fantastic support....don't suppose you can be booked for a 1 on 1 zoom to help us optimize things? :-D

  • I was serious on that zoom request...


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