Guide metrics 'filter Guide Activity by visitor' report with added columns not showing

I have added my poll questions as columns in guide metrics 'filter Guide Activity by visitor' report. But those columns are not visible to other users who uses same subscription account(Admins). They only can see the default columns. 


How to fix this?



  • Your view within the Guide Metrics view is not shared between users.  You could instruct them how to add the appropriate Poll Responses into their view.  However, the more efficient approach would be to create a Visitor Report that contains the information you are wanting to share.  You can set this Visitor Report visible to 'Everybody' and share the link at that point - or even download as a CSV to share with others outside of Pendo.

  • I tried with visitor report, but there when I add poll questions as columns it didn't show the name of poll. Instead it shows like this ' Latest Poll Response for Guide 001 (within Date Range specified) '  so when report generated it hard to find the reponses are for which questions.

    Any fix for that


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