Calculating stickiness for specific pages

Hello Team,

I am trying to find a way to calculate stickiness for specific pages in Pendo, it seems that there is no way of doing this using data explorer or any other reporting mechanism inside Pendo.



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  • Hi Rohit, 

    Measuring the stickiness of a particular page is not currently possible with the math used to set up this metric:

    A Visitor or Account with any event recorded by Pendo during a day, week, or month is considered active.

    Active user metrics measure unique users who used your product during a time period. A user who uses the product today is a daily active user and also a weekly active user. A user who used the product this week but not today is a weekly active user.

    One thing you could do however, is measure stickiness for visitors that have visited that page, by setting up a segment for visitors who have "seen" that page within a certain frame.


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